January New UK Punjabi Songs Of The Month


UK artists promised us more activity and in January 2019 they certainly did deliver, we had collaborations, independent releases and a lot of variety, so sit back and check out our list of UK Punjabi releases in January (these are not in any order of preference or sales).

P.K – Gurnam Bhullar & PBN – As Punjab heads into wedding season expect this to only get more plays and more attention. Great production from PBN, staying true to what he does, and Bhullar been Bhullar also!

Saak Mordhdi, Sarika Gill had a good end to 2018 and started 2019 with a bang too. Sarika teamed up with Desi Crew to drop a desi tune that saw her try and muscle her way into the Punjabi female category globally.

Worldwide – Manj Musik, underrated tune, this drops hard in the clubs and people are dropping this in and around Delhi and south India. The song Worldwide is from Tiger The Movie, check this out if you have not already.

Babe – Gurj Sidhu, how do you follow up Adha Pind? Simple, you don’t but what you do is drop another tune that keeps the fans happy and also appeals to more of a wider audience, stacking fans like Mayweather stacks chips!

Nachne Da Mood, DJ Rags & Jelly Manjitpuri, DJ Rags announced he is joining UK label Desibel media with the release of his latest song ‘Nachna Da Mood’ and you know what, if ever a song said it was Dj Rag’s then this is it.

KingPin – Bee 2, This song is all about Bee 2, it has humour, great use of traditional instruments and is well written, the video and the vibe around Kingpin all work, good to have Bee 2 active again.

Pehla Pyar- Ambi & Dilly feat. Nachattar Gill, Producers Ambi and Dilly certainly blossomed here with this love number and damn, how good does Nachattar sound…..

Sugar- Bups Saggu ft. Stylish Singh, On the last day of the month,but just in the nick of time, Bups dropped ‘Sugar’ and the early reaction is good and very positive, hopefully this will grow as the weeks and months pass, an active Bups is good for the scene.

Bande Khaani – Kru 172 feat. Ashok Prince & Dhami Amarjit, This album banged and still is, track 10 on the album featured Dhami Amarjit and boy did he deliver lyrically, additionally the UK ‘s adopted Ashok Prince smashed the track vocally.

Mela – Nikka Sev ft. Amar Singh Littran, ‘Mela’ was an independent release, it came out first and foremost across streaming platforms and only just went onto YouTube, positive reaction from UK Bhangra Fans.

Soniye Je Tere Naal, Jazzmeet Singh & Kam Frantic, The name Kam Frantic just gives it the seal of music approval, and new vocalist Jazzmeet, great voice.

January also saw the release of Jati Cheed’s Album – Square One (full album review out this weekend), here are our big three songs from the album’s 8 songs, the album link is also included for you all.

Full album link via Spotify

Full album link Apple Music


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