Jasbir Jassi – “Punjabi songs and videos representing Punjabi music the wrong way”


Jasbir Jassi, remember him ? his is best known for his groundbreaking video for the song “Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di”, Jasbir has now stated he now rejects offers to sing Bollywood numbers due to their double meaning lyrics, and he does not feel Punjabi music is also being represented in the right way, well lets look at who started sexing up videos in 1998 shall we Jassi!

Talking about the current scene Jassi said: “I sometimes have a problem with some of the Punjabi songs and videos because they are representing Punjabi music in a wrong way.”

Jassi said he is proud of singers like Guru Randhawa, Diljit Dosanjh and Harrdy Sandhu who are taking Punjabi music to new heights.

“I think they are amazing singers. It is only because of them that people have started enjoying traditional Punjabi songs.”

Please see Naah video by Harrdy Sandhu, to grasp what Jasbir Jassi is saying

“Today it is difficult to sit with our family and enjoy new Punjabi songs. My problem is people try to copy the West, but I feel there is still more time for people to accept it. That’s the only reason that I get so many offers from Bollywood but I have to reject many songs because of their abusive or double meaning lyrics.

“Of course I feel bad doing so, but I cannot help it”.

He wants to sing for Bollywood, but would prefer a soulful song.

“I would like to explore some Sufi music. I have only given party and dance numbers, so I want to sing a Sufi song now so that people know I can sing that genre too.”

He also urged the government to play 40 to 50 per cent classical, indie, folk music on television and radio, as well as to develop a “culture policy”.

“If there will be no culture policy, our culture will die and then artistes like us will also die. I will soon be launching more indie tracks.”



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