Jasjot Singh Ghuman – Revenge of the Singh (Music By Kaos Productions)


Wow, Jasjot Singh Ghuman, now that is an individual we have not heard from for a couple of years, and for some it might be a lot longer since you heard from him, let us refresh your memory with his biggest hit:  Vaisakhi Mela

Jasjot Singh Ghuman is now back on the scene with his latest song ‘Revenge Of The Singh’ the song is based around the story of Udham Singh and with next week being the anniversary of the events of the Caxton Hall the timing for the song couldn’t be better.

The music is provided by Kaos Productions and it flows perfectly with the lyrics of the song, a real polished and well delivered instrumental from the guys.

No video has been released for ‘Revenge Of The Singh’ though we are informed a lyrical video will be dropping soon, it is good to have Jasjot singing again as the scene in the UK needs more homegrown singers, Now it is just a case of remaining busy and staying in the limelight for Mr Ghuman.

Check out the new single Revenge Of The Singh here on Spotify/Apple Music 

For itunes or Apple Music click on the image 


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