Jaskurn Gosal Talks ‘Haan Baliye’ And More


March 14th see’s VIP Records re-release a song that was first released 9 years ago, the song ‘Haan Baliye’ by Jaskurn Gosal.

So we thought we would hook up with Jaskurn Gosal to talk about how this new version of ‘Haan Baliye’ came about and also, who is Jasz Sidhu?

So Jaskurn? Why now 9 years later 

9 years ago I released the original Haan Baliye. At the time I didn’t realise it would go on to become a cult favourite amongst Punjabi music lovers around the world. The track did really well in the UK and Canada where it was immediately picked up by radio stations. To be honest I wasn’t expecting such a reaction. The only mistake I made back then, was not to make a music video for it.

Fast-forward 8 years later and I was contacted by a guy from Canada called Jasz Sidhu. He told me how he was a massive fan of the song and how he wanted to re release the track with his vocals. After some discussion and a lot of to and fro between myself, Jasz and VIP Records we finally decided to give it a go. The vocals of As Amar have been replaced with Jasz’s and the track also features a music vide (shot in Canada) something I never did for the original. My good friend Amen Reminisce has blessed the track using his unique skill set  to re-master the track,

Is Haan Baliye a one off? Or do we get more tracks later this year?

This year I’ve got a lot of tracks which are complete and sitting there, ready to be released. I’m fortunate to have some really close friends in the industry that are always pushing me to get off my butt and be serious about releasing more music (you know who you are). The best thing I can do is to let the music do the talking. I’ve also decided to rebrand myself, changing to my DJ stage name from Jaskurn Gosal to Jesta, Why? I don’t know…Jaskurn Gosal sounds like an old Baba’s name maybe? 🤔

You have dipped your toes in and out of the Industry over the last few years, how do you feel the Industry has changed over the years?

This is a very competitive and cut-throat industry. Well known singers don’t want to know or collaborate with you unless you’re the flavour of the month or until they realise they can take advantage of you in some way shape or form. There’s no more of this, I’ll help you out or give the small guy a chance anymore.

Music is also being watered down to the point where it’s not coming from the heart anymore. Artists just want to be famous and have fans make videos of their videos to post on social media. It’s probably the biggest ego trip industry on this planet (unless you’re in whatever industry the Kardashians are in). I just hope music goes back to its purest form and we as artists take responsibility to start making this change.

Anyway…moving right along…. 🤣

So whats next for Jaskurn Gosal?

Some upcoming projects I’m working on feature the vocals of Ashok Prince, As Amar, Bakshi Billa, Gurlez Akhtar, Raj Brar (Late), Jay Status and a few more very talented artists. Going all in for 2019. Thanks for your love and support!

I’m looking forward to exposing Haan Baliye to those who perhaps haven’t discovered the original. Just want to say it was a great team effort especially from: Jasz Sidhu (Vocals), Johni Chakmuglani (Lyrics), Backbencherz (Video), Amen Reminisce (Remastering) and of course the label (VIP Records). The track is scheduled for release 14th of March.


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