Jasmeen Akhtar – A Strong Start To 2020, Is This Her Breakthrough Year?


We are only 7 weeks into 2020 but Jasmeen Akhtar has been very very busy. Not as busy as her sister Gurlej Akhtar, but hey, who is? Afsana Khan, Gurlej Akhtar and Jasmine Sandlas are all prepairing for a busy year. But will this be the year that the young Jasmeen Akhtar finally breaks through to the mainstream Punjabi market?

Jasmeen Akhtar has had a solid start to 2020 with three singles that have worked across very different markets. A very clever move. A traditional song Kabba Jatt saw her satisfy her desi music fans. 10 Din was a song released with North American producer Jay Trak, this introduced Jasmeen to a very new audience. Lastly, her release Fake Jatt saw her hit that younger macho crowd. Each song has done well with those audiences they were targetted towards.

A clever move and let’s hope this is a good year for an artist who can sing live, perform live and who has a fantastic work ethic.

Many people will question the sheer amount of releases from artists, but when you break down the releases and the audiences they are aimed at they satisfy different needs for different music listeners. Something a lot of artists neglect, pitching at the same few will in the long term only see you the artist failing to grow!

Check out the three standout singles from Jasmeen Akhtar in 2020 and let’s see if you agree with us that Jasmeen is a talent!

One for the North American and Commercial Punjabi music fans

A straight-up Desi track that saw Jasmeen appease her more loyal fans.

Finally, a duet that has all that macho pomp and youth appeal! 

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