Jasmine Sandlas Is Recruiting & Looking At New Ventures


Jasmine Sandlas has been dropping bombs on the Punjabi music scene ever since she arrived and on Sunday night, Jasmine dropped some good news about her future music plans and the news surely did get new artists interested, but does Jasmine Sandlas only plan to give us 20 more songs?

Jasmine Sandlas introduced everyone to her new artist Ranbir Grewal who is from Jasmine’s new production house ‘Unalome’ and also asked other new and fresh talented individuals to get their demos ready as she is recruiting.

In the Instagram post Jasmine also mentioned that after the next 20 songs she will then spend her time working with new talent, does this mean Jasmine will be taking a step back from releasing projects of her own? Do we only have 20 songs left to be released by Jasmine Sandlas?

With the Jasmine Sandlas album set to be released very soon, are we as music fans then only left with a handful of releases from the Punjabi singer before she concentrates on nurturing new talent?? Don’t do this to us, Jasmine!!!


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