Jasmine Sandlas v Rami Randhawa – Where Do You Stand On This


Jasmine Sandlas is on a path to being seen as the current the undisputed Queen of Bhangra. So with that in mind, does she then need to throw more caution to the wind about her activities on social media? Or is it for the youth to see what is for real and what is not?

The debate around this will rage and rage, 3 days ago Rami Randhawa called out Jasmin Sadlas for her social media activities asking for her to change the way in which she conducts herself on snapchat and in her songs, was he right to do so?

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on this topic, and is it you the listener/viewer who should be able to pick and choose what to watch, or is it in the hands of the artist to promote cultural values?


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