Jass Manak – Will He Be The Next Punjabi Pop Superstar?


In 2017 a new vocalist appeared on the scene, his name? Jass Manak, and there was something different about this kid, he wrote his own songs, he composed his own music and in addition to all that, the boy was only 17! Jass Manak made an impact from day 1. Jass Manak is now ready to release his debut album ’19’, so we thought we would take a look at what made Jass Manak the star he is!

The debut single via Geet MP3 from Jass Manak was ‘U-Turn’, and if you have not heard it before, then check it out here:

Jass Manak connected with the younger music fan across Punjab, and as he now gears up to launch his album ’19’, we look at how he has grown and what he has changed about the scene. Instagram and Facebook are huge in India among the the youth and how do they access such sites? Mobile phones.

Cheap data plans in the last two years have seen teenagers across Punjab all become a lot more savvy when it comes to social media, and the first artist who they could really bond with was Jass Mank, he was in there age bracket, he was active on social media, oh and a lot of females found him attractive.

It was in May 2018 that Jass Manak really hit the bigtime, Jass had already amassed a strong following, but when he released Prada, then the whole game changed, Prada was initially released as an audio video track only, what happened next meant it had to become a full fledged video.

In May and June of 2018, near enough every video from music fans in India featured the song Prada, it was everywhere, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok were all in love with this song, Prada had put Jass Manak firmly on the Punjabi music map.

In the following months Jass Manak continued to appeal to music fans across collages and cities, his songs (which he continued to write) and production feat. everything that the new music fan in Punjab wanted, and what were those things? Fashion, cars, good music, good videos and overall the ability to remain humble, not a day passed without fun videos from Jass Manak and his team.

Now comes the acid test for Jass Mank, the Album 19, every artist can deliver the odd single here and there, but they are ultimately judged on albums and the impact they make both inside and outside of the scene.

So as Jass Manak works his magic on songs for other artists, see Nishawn Bhullars video below, his generation will be looking at him to represent them in the right way, big test for Jass Manak, let’s hope that like everything else Jass Manak has done so far, the the album 19 turns out to be a success

Jass Manak’s duet with Priya is also one of the most popular songs from the new web-series ‘Gangland In Motherland’, check out ‘Toronto here:

The album ’19’ is out on February 19th 2019, and the first single from the album will be released on February 13th 2019, the album ’19’ will be released via Geet MP3.


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