Jassi Sidhu 25 Years In The Game – Confirms 3 New Singles


The UK Punjabi music scene has seen some very exciting times over the last 4 decades. We have seen the scene evolve from bands to producers, from albums to singles and from Radio to TV. One constant for 25 years in the UK and global music scene has been Jassi Sidhu.

The globe-trotting Jassi Sidhu confirmed yesterday via social media that he plans to release 3 new singles all of which are very much true to his Bhangra roots as his tweet highlighted.

Jassi has been an integral part of the UK Punjabi music scene for almost 3 decades now. He has seen the highs and lows of the current scene. He is one of the very few artists who is touring globally each year. He has worked with all the top producers and also helped many a young artist in the game,

So will this be the year that Mr Sidhu is awarded a lifetime achievement award from music award shows?





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