Jaswinder Singh Bhalla’s Brother In Law Commits Suicide


Brother-in-law of famous Punjabi comedian Jaswinder Singh Bhalla today committed suicide in Ludhiana. Police found Alokdeep Singh hanging from the ceiling inside his Shastri Nagar residence in Ludhiana. Model Town Police have recovered a suicide from the spot, reported jagran.com.

According to Model Town Police Alokdeep dealt in the purchase and sale of cars. His wife is employed as a Professor in a government college. Alokdeep has also left behind a 7-year-old son.

Police said Alokdeep, in the suicide note, has mentioned some business-related issue as the reason behind the extreme step. A friend of the family has said that recently Alokdeep Singh had become more elusive and quiet, and did say his business was causing him depression.

Model Town Police said that investigation was underway into the matter. As of now, the police is questioning Alokdeep’s family and some known persons.

Jaswinder Singh Bhalla is a Punjabi actor and comedian. He has worked in numerous Punjabi movies and TV shows. Bhalla started his professional career as a comedian in 1988 with Chankata 88 and became actor with film Dulla Bhatti.

Jaswinder Bhalla brother-in-law


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