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We make no bones about the fact that we like Jati Cheed, he, in our opinion is a singer who is under used and yet has so much to offer, the public want more and last week with the release of Square one, we got more!!

To review an album is a difficult thing to do, as the journey is a very personal one to the artist, understanding that journey is something you can only get from the artist himself, so for that reason we went direct to Jati Cheed and asked him to give people an insight in the album ‘Square One’ so sit back relax and join Jati Cheed on his album journey.

Track 1 Arrab Janani feat Shin DCS

Jati Cheed: Produced by myself ‘Arrab Janani’ features one of my musical idols, Shin DCS. I’ve known Shin for years but always wanted to work with him, as a fellow singer not as a favour.

Once I heard Arrab Janani, written by Bindi Lolton I knew this was the one. A comical track would be so much fun with Shin. It was great fun and a great experience working with him. Regarding the production, it needed that fun DCS sound and it needed some funny unusual sounds. I think a good track doesn’t need a lot of hard work, it just happens and this was easy.

Track 2 Taxi feat Dipps Bhamrah

This started off as a challenge to each other. I had to write a Punjab style song and Dipps had to get the Punjab sound, and after two sessions in the studio, we had Taxi.

Another track that didn’t need weeks of preparation, we just had fun in the studio and it was done. I had only written a couple of tracks before this, but after getting some great feedback I have started to write more and more.

Track 3 Haan Chahidi feat Dipps Bhamrah

So ‘Haan Chahidi’ was written by my Phuper Ji who also wrote Tere Toh Vagher, I pestered him for months and all I got was very deep poetry. I wanted something that people would get here in the UK. So I asked him for a UK based easy lyrical track, and there we have it. Dipps again did a great job, keeping a POP sound with desi instruments. It’s very UK indeed.

Track 4 Tere Toh Vagher feat GV

The first release and I believe the masterpiece of the album. You can close your eyes and be sent on a journey.

I had these lyrics and melody around 5 years before we got in to the studio. It was one of the first songs I created a melody for. As I showed it to my family, everyone said it sounds familiar but nobody could pinpoint from where.

I knew then this had to be done with the right producer. Enter GV, who created this piece of art. I’m someone who doesn’t interfere with producers work. I’ll drop an idea or two, but not like, “change this” or “I want it like this”.

I believe you choose an collaboration, because you like the artist, and approve of their work, so let them get on with it. So after some intense studio sessions, we have Tere Toh Vagher.

Track 5 Kehl feat Dipps Bhamrah

We named this “Not the Players anthem”, as it starts off like a “players” tune, but end with some juthiyan, there is some self-realisation.

Written by GV this was instantly something I wanted to do. It was funny and a bit risque. I spoke to a few producers who didn’t really get the track until I showed it to Dipps Bhamrah, and instantly he was off. Clean UK production, with funny backing vocals. It was a fun track to make.

Track 6 Goonje Goliyan feat Bee2

I wanted to add some musical diversity to the album so went to see Bee2. I wanted that London grimy Bhangra sound.

It was great sitting with someone who writes and produces, it was a very quick and easy process. We spoke about what direction I wanted to go and after one session we had an outline of the track.

Track 7 Nach Soniye Dj Dips

I knew DJ Dips from when I worked with Ominous DJs, I knew he understood the dancefloor, and that what I said I wanted.

Written by GV, “Nach Soniye” couldn’t be anything else but a dancefloor tune with great percussion.

I did shoot a video in India for this, but I’m afraid nobody will get his pleasure of watching it. I told them I wanted funny, so made me into Govinda. LOL (WE NEED TO SEE THIS)

Track 8 Teri Yaad feat Jeeti

I wanted to show a softer side to my voice, so when working with Jeeti, we decided on a “sad song”.

I knew this guy could produce anything so I was anticipating what sound he would go for, and when I heard the pre-production I was like Wow! This should be in a movie. I now wish instead of a sad song, I went for a love song.

Even after all the features I did. I never had my own product, something that gave me credibility as an artist. So even though I have released just under 20 songs, my musical journey starts now, at Square One. There is so much new music I can’t wait to share, so please; Keep listening…

Huge thank you to Jati Cheed for sharing his insights with us here at Daily Ent. Xpress and good luck in the future with everything you do.


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