‘Jatt Nahi Hatde’ by Nikka Sev Feat Liakat Ali.


Well it seems like only two weeks ago when Nikka Sev released his last single ‘Mela’, oh hang on, it was! And you know what? It’s good to have another track from him, ‘Jatt Nahi Hatde’ features the vocals of Liakat Ali and the music production is by Nikka Sev.

Nikka Sev is forging himself a good reputation for his desi style production with a strong UK feel, and ‘Jatt Nahi Hatde’ is another song that further enhances his credibility as producer. Liakat Ali vocally delivers well, and the song is very solid all round, good production, good vocals, and above all, the combination works.

Song Title: Jatt Nahi Hatde
Artist: Nikka Sev Feat: Liakat Ali
Lyrics: Rana Madochande
Produced / Composed: Nikka Sev

Check out the song ‘Jatt Nahi Hatde’ here on Spotify.

Check out the song ‘Jatt Nahi Hatde’ here on Apple Music.


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