Jawad Raja AKA Shadow The Rapper Charged With Heroin Possession (He Thought It Was Cocaine)


Jawad Raja AKA Shadow, the Youtube rapper who has over 100k views has been charged with heroin possession. The heroin was found inside his bottom!

Jawad Raja, was a passenger in the back seat of a car travelling through Leicester when it was stopped by police.vThe 23-year-old had his hand down the back of his trousers, prompting a full search of the rapper, who has a previous conviction for possession of cocaine.

At Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Friday, prosecutor Stella Moses described the incident at 9pm on Friday, June 18.

She said: “The police stopped a motor vehicle and this defendant was seen putting his hands down the back of his trousers.

“Police later removed a wrap of heroin plugged in the defendant’s anus. The amount of heroin was consistent with personal use.”

She said Raja had been caught with cocaine in December 2017 and also had a string of other offences, including robbery and driving without insurance and had spent time in custody in the past.

She said Raja, of Bartholomew Street, Highfields, Leicester, still owed more than £1,000 in court fines for previous offences.

Raja’s solicitor, Ziyad Lunat, said that, due to his music, his client went to a lot of nightclubs and concerts and occasionally “dabbled” in class A drugs.

He said his client was not a heroin user and had intended to buy cocaine.

He said: “Since being released from custody he has been able to establish a music career and gets money from subscriptions, earning about £800 a month and he has had interest from record labels and sponsors.

“He has a talent and is using that to turn his life around and he’s also found an avenue to express himself.

“Unfortunately he’s dabbling in drugs. Most of the time he says no.

“He’s not a heroin user and he thought it was cocaine. He’s from Highfields and sees addicts and knows what happens when you get addicted to heroin.”

Suzi Felstead, chair of the magistrate’s bench, urged Raja to turn his life around and pay his court fines.

“Take what we’re saying to you now as a kick up the bottom – don’t get lost down the drugs route, please. Get yourself sorted.”

Raja replied: “Yeah. I will.”

He was given a 12-month community order including 60 hours of unpaid work. He will also have to pay £85 in court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.


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