Jay Sean’s ‘Ride It’ Charts @ Number 5 – Thanks To TikTok


Ride it by Jay Sean was released originally in 2008 to great acclaim. Now in 2019, the song is back in the offical charts at number 5 thanks to TikTok and a Kosovo-based DJ’s version.

#Rideit challenge
“He can’t describe the feeling, he’s speechless and very happy”, Hajriz Bajrami ‎is Regard’s manager (and for the purposes of the DJ’s conversation with Radio 1 Newsbeat, his translator too).

Since DJ Regard’s version of Ride It was uploaded on TikTok, users have created more than 4.1 million videos using the song as a backing track.

This was helped by the apps #rideit challenge where users uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the song. And that’s when a record label stepped in. Following the track’s success online, Sony’s Ministry of Sound Recordings signed and released Regard’s version of Ride It in July 2019.

In the first week, the track hit 1 million Spotify streams.

When Radio 1 asked DJ Regard if Jay likes the song, he said ‘of course’!

“He said good job!” adds Hajriz. “Now they speak everyday. They compliment each other. They’ve started to be very good friends”.

This isn’t the first song to reach chart success because of TikTok.

Earlier this year Lil Nas X’s – Old Town Road become the longest-running number one in US chart history.

And that started on TikTok too, when thousands of people filmed themselves lip-syncing to the song in cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats.

DJ Regard says the platform is “very successful for musicians. It pushes different vibes for different people. Everyone can be successful on TikTok”.


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