Jaz Dhami Bomb Bae – Music By Eren E


Jaz Dhami is doing 2019 his way and music fans are loving it. The latest song release from Jaz Dhami is Bomb Bae and features production by Eren E. Bomb Bae is everything Jaz Dhami promised in 2019. It’s him feeling free musically!

We are big fans of Jaz Dhami and Eren E so we were always going to enjoy the song. So rather than us ramble on about the song, we found one comment on about the song on its YouTube page that summed up our thoughts precisely.

Comment from JeeSingh21: Why is this and Kai saal not blowing up everywhere!?!? Don’t get it. Jaz is challenging the whole concept of traditional Punjabi music with these tracks and the ridiculously good compositions/melodies typically heard in western RnB but marrying them effortlessly with his vocals. Amazing! Throwing a spanner in the works and actually testing the ears of music lovers to think and listen to desi music differently. Love the work bro. My Punjabi artist of the last few years (at the least)!!

Stream the song via your preferred platform: –  JioSaavn , Spotify , Apple Music

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