Jaz Dhami – Kai Saal – Music: Alan Sampson


2019 is all about fresh starts musically for Jaz Dhami and solely doing projects that make him feel happy. ‘Kai Saal’ his new single really does highlight his vision for the future.

‘Kai Saal’ by Jaz Dhami encapsulates everything about Jaz Dhami and his journey, his haunting voice flows on top of a great instrumental from Alan Sampson. ‘Kai Saal’ is not no normal run of the mill Punjabi ballad, it offers layers and depth and you really do feel like you are on a journey with Jaz Dhami, a solid single from one of the UK’s most versatile Punjabi singers…. more please Jaz!

Kai Saal…a love lost.
Music: Alan Sampson
Lyrics: Zohaib Amjad


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