Jaz Dhami Talks ‘Kiwe Dassa’ and Finding Himself Musically


Today saw the dawn of a new era for Jaz Dhami musically, the release of his latest Punjabi song ‘Kiwe Dassa’ marks an important turning point in his musical career, no longer is he bound mentally by what people think he should be doing, Jaz is now doing what he wants to be doing! If ‘Kiwe Dassa’ is anything to go by, then we like this Jaz Dhami – A LOT!

We managed to catch up with Jaz Dhami in Chandigarh and talk about this new chapter and what we can expect in 2019 from him.

Daily Ent. Xpress: You took to social media earlier & opened up about yourself musically, is this new release the start of a new chapter?

Yes it definitely is. I just felt it was time for people to know the internal battles. This is most definitely a new wave for me, after 10 years of making music I feel like I’m finally finding myself and not worrying about what the expectation and what the industry expects from me. I want to make music in all genres, but just do it on my terms. Music is about being free, it’s a personal expression, I want to use that freedom to express what makes my soul happy.

Daily Ent. Xpress: So a happy Jaz Dhami means more music in 2019? Oh and will Kai Saal get a release?

My E.P has the long awaited Kai Saal on it, I’ve been getting so many messages for that song but finally I’ve found a suitable home for it. Also there’s a really interesting collaboration I’ve worked on with Eren E and Alan Sampson. Its produced by Eren, but Alan is an intrinsic part of it. Oh not forgetting my brother Sama Blake who’s jumped in with the lyrics, its such a brilliant record, and really shows what happens when you put great artists together.

So whilst Jaz Dhami plots the rest of 2019, why don’t you join us in enjoying the new Punjabi song from Jaz Dhami ‘Kiwe Dassa’ which is produced by Alan Sampson, with lyrics from PropheC, Jaz Dhami himself and Alan Sampson.


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