Jaz Dhami – The Gem Doing The UK Proud Across The Globe


In February 2019 Jaz Dhami in an interview with Daily Ent. Xpress opened up about his where he was on his musical journey. He talked about how the time had come for him to release what was pleasing to him and not others. Since that interview, he has wooed fans globally with his new releases and stage shows.

Kai Saal has been one of the standout tunes of 2019. A solid independent release that has taken on many forms, and only this week a Reggae fix of the tune was released. This has already caught the imagination of the public.

Last night Jaz Dhami performed in Oslo and the videos of his performance have once again showcased how unique a talent Jaz Dhami is. This was not just some live PA, but him with his live band and vocally he dropped a masterclass. In 2019 Jaz Dhami is reminding us all what a gem we have and we can’t wait to hear more from sada Birmingham wala munda.

If you have not heard the new Reggae fix of ‘Kai Saal’ by Birmingham band Kioko, then where have you been? Check out the video and song here:


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