JAZZY B Aaja – New Punjabi Song 2019! Jazzy At His Best!!


Late in 2018 Jazzy B dropped that desi fire with Udhne Sapoliye which was produced by the Jassi Bros. Now, at the end of 2019 Jazzy B and the Jassi Bros have dropped Aaja. This is Jazzy at his vocal and desi best.

This might not be the dance track that Udhne Sapoliye was, but it has everything you need to make a fantastic Jazzy B track. Jazzy B is on fire as soon as the track kicks in. If you liked the song Leap Wala Saal which was released in 2016, then Aaja is for you! The chords, strings and all-out production whisks you off your feet takes you on a trip down memory lane with Jazzy B and the Jassi Bros. The hook line is so simple but binds together the whole track so well that you just end up singing along as soon as it kicks in. This is one for music fans and not just Jazzy B fans, Salute guys – smashed it!

Check out Aaja by Jazzy B here on Spotify!

The 2016 song Leap Wala Saal was a huge hit for Jazzy B and had lyrics by Veet Baljit. The song like this release Aaja by Jazzy really lets you feel the passion, drive and power in his vocals. Jazzy B is a unique talent and sometimes we overlook how good he is. Songs like Aaja and Leap Wala Saal remind us that we should never overlook this amazing talent!


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