Jazzy B, Baabu Maan – The Manak Debate, Misunderstanding Or Beef?


Saturday morning saw the internet run riot with the news that Babbu Maan had offended Kuldeep Manank, but did he? or was it a case of people not grasping what he said?

Jazzy B, took to social media to vent his views on the situation, and he himself does seem certain that what Babbu said was not taken out of context.

Jazzy B, then over the weekend took to social media playing videos of the legendary Manak in what seemed like direct digs at the comment made by Babbu Maan.

We did not print this story until today due to waiting from a comment from the Babbu camp, and a source close to Babbu Maan has said “We think people need to listen to the interview in full, he did not disrespect Manak, in anyway, he suggested that people question more now the double meaning in songs/lyrics because of social media. Social media was not around in those days and hence things like double meanings were never talked about as much as they are today”

Jazzy B, posted this on twitter this morning, this shows no signs of going away, and it may be left to Babbu to make a comment publicly to clarify the situation.



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