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The Punjabi icon Jazzy B is celebrating over 25 years on the scene and you have to admit the man is the ultimate game changer. Recently friends of ours Balle Balle TV jumped into Jazzy B’s famous yellow hummer and decided to ask him a few questions and Jazzy B being Jazzy he answered the lot with his normal smile and charm!

One of the questions Jazzy B was asked was, what are your 3 favourite collaborations? Jazzy went on to name Ustad Kuldeep Manak, Apachie Indian and a forthcoming release with Bohemia, big call that from Jazzy, we have heard from our sources that the Bohemia track is a banger, and this just builds the excitement for that release.

Answering questions about almost drowning during the Romeo Ranjha shoot, Jazzy actually says that he felt as if his life flashed before his eyes as he was thrust into deep waters alongside Garry Sandhu, luckily a life jacket was inflated and all was good, but Jazzy does then state you need to appreciate life daily and make the most of it.

Jazzy B is having a great 2019, and he has soo much planned for music fans this year that no one will be left disappointed , that’s old fans and new, and remember you can hear about all his exclusive new material right here at Daily Ent. Xpress.

Life, cooking, music and so much more are touched upon in the interview below via Balle Balle:



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