Jazzy B To Play Major Role In Kuldeep Manak Biopic?


Virk Films and Josan Bros shared a poster last month to officially confirm that they were making a Kuldeep Manak Biopic entitled – ‘The unbelievable True Story Kuldeep Manak Kaliyan Da Badshah’.

No details were released at the time about who is set to star in the film, but now that filming has began (as well as the soundtrack recording) word has began to spread about who may be starring in the film.

According to reports from PTC Punjab, the film’s shoot has already started in Abohar, Punjab and Jazzy B is speculated to be playing an important role in the movie. It has not confirmed who is playing what, but we are glad that Jazzy B is involved!

The biopic is announced to release on November 15, on the 68th birth anniversary of the legend.


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