Jazzy Talks Auto Tune & Punjabiyat


Jazzy B has had a busy 2018, four releases and a whole host of live shows has meant the Punjabi singer has never stopped, well to be honest when was the last time Jazzy B did have any time off, constant touring and releases seem just to have become the norm for him.

Jazzy B did however have time to stop for a quick interview with Faguni Verma, where he talked about singers and Punjabiyat. 

technology has made it easy for anyone to become a singer, the really talented people will never appreciate this automation

Calling himself an ardent Punjabi, singer, music maker Jazzy B who has three singles, and one collaboration this year, still holds on to the promotions of Punjabiyat.

The singer, whose recent tracks, Miss Karda and Jatt Da Flag (with Kaur B and Tru Skool), wants the millennial’s to also follow their roots.

“I have seen kids making music,” says Jazzy when we caught up with him at Chandigarh on Thursday, adding, “I don’t think that any other language is bad, be it English, Hindi or French, but your mother tongue should be promoted as well. We shouldn’t neglect our mother tongue while making music. Till the time I’m alive, I will not forget my maa boli.” 

Jazzy says while technology has facilitated this trend, it is also making music lose it’s real essence.

Referring to software like Auto Tune to make songs, Jazzy narrated a personal experience.

Now, it’s really easy to sing as there is technology available. I will share an interesting anecdote with you. I was once making an album with (Kuldeep) Manak ustadji and (Sukhshinder) Shinda paaji and we were making the track, Soniye tu meri ki lagdi. The music was amazing. And we tweaked the song a bit with Auto Tune. But when we made ustadji listen to it, he asked me ‘Kake teri awaz nu ki ho gaya?’ (What happened to your voice), I told him, ‘Ustadji we tried Auto Tune, it’s the new in thing.’ He reprimanded me saying, please don’t do this again. After that day, I never used it and never recommend it to anyone either. The real thing is the genuine talent.”


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