Jean Gucci Di By Gagan Dhillion – Early Contender For “Awkward Performance Of The Year”


Music is something that is very much a personal preference, what I like, what you like, they differ greatly,  and that is what makes music the most wonderful thing on earth. Having said that, our listening circle was all united in our opinions for the latest release via Humble Music, Jean Gucci Di! WTF is this!

Musically, well Sukh-E is a producer who get’s paid to deliver a package, and he did his bit, with what has to be said is an awful song lyrically.

Materialistic Punjabi’s are everywhere, and this Is an attempt to feed them with more “goals” but Gagan Dhillon the singer and lead in the video, is so underwhelming, and her moves on the side of the pool, put it this way, it she is trying to entice,  not even the blue pill would work!


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