Jind Jaan – Simon Nandhra


Last week saw the release of Jind Jaan a track produced by UK producer Simin Nandhra, featuring the vocals of Sanjeev Kumar.

Firstly, it’s a shame that we are surrounded in world of fake views and false hype, this track suffers from not playing that game, which is something to be applauded, but ultimately maybe to the detriment of the track.

If this was released via various different labels, it would now be sitting on 1m plus views and the hype machine would be in flow ensuring that the track is at the forefront of any musical musings you may have this week.

Whoever is in charge of the PR for this track needs to look at themselves as we have yet to see any major hype on the release.

Secondly, Jind Jaan is a track that is very well producded by Simon Nandhra, the vocals are delivered well, and it has a geniune UK sound to it, the Video is very well shot and compliments the track well, it’s just a shame it will get lost with other releases.

Overall, a very good track (Simon needs to produce more often), playing the honesty game is to be applauded, but if doing so, ensure you have a back up plan to garnish interest, as the build up to Christmas will only see Santa missing this off his list.



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