Jinna Main Tenu – AS Kang v Danger Dhami


Oh yes! It is almost 12 months to the day that DangerDhami released the album Danger Zone. The Punjabi folk remix album struck a chord with fans of the genre across the globe. Now DangerDhami is back with a new remix of a classic. Jinna Main Tenu is the classic love ballad from the legendary AS Kang.

DangerDhami has added his own flavour to the remix and it certainly does add something different to the mixes of this song we have heard before. It is more loop orientated but does not lose the flavour of the original. If you like it folk with a hint of UK then check this out it might just make it to your playlist!

DangerDhami – Danger Zone – 6 – Tere Naal Mulaze Artists: Didar Sandhu & Snehlata Full track and Instrumental available for download at http://www.dasmusic.co.uk

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If you missed the Das Desi DangerDhami Album last year check it out here in full


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