JK – Bucking The Trend? Quality Over Quantity


The music industry is very different today to what it used to be, social media is a key driver and unless you are churning out song after song, social media may well leave you behind for the latest trend, the one singer who is bucking that modern phenomenon is Derby based vocalist JK, and with this weeks release of his new single Bhabieh we ask.. Why is JK the exception to the rule?

Baaghi Tera Yaar was released in 2016, and since that release JK has given his music fans only two more releases, Pomp Pomp (2017) and Shindeh De Tape in 2018. So as JK prepares to launch his latest single ‘Bhabieh’ we look at how JK has managed to to stay at the top of his game here in the UK with such few releases?

Fanbase: JK has a solid fanbase, one that has grown up with him, they have seen him develop as an artist and have respected his worth, one of the main reasons they have stayed loyal? Quality of releases.

It is so easy for singers to lose fan bases as they grow, this leads to artists experimenting with new markets and sounds, which in the short term may grab the attention of new fans, but, how long will those fans be around when the the singer returns to type? JK has stayed true to his desi folk style.

Tru-Skool: Having one of the biggest producers of the decade as your ally/mentor is a great thing, as we mentioned above, creating a style and staying loyal are what die hard fans want, and with Tru-Skool being the global face of Folk music outside of India, his fans have become fans of JK and the loyalty has been impressive.

Gigs: JK is a regular live performer, he is at weddings and night club shows and this is priceless, performing to new fans and old is vital for artists who release less often than others, those live shows become the bridge between the public and the artist, the more gigs you have the more fans you are creating.

Artists who release more often than JK have less gigs and that is a fact, so to bridge that void releases become more and more regular as they look to build a presence on social media with new music fans.

If you are a new artist or established artist without a solid fan base –  No amount of releases will see you grow. You may have a hit here or there but what you will find is fans will come and go, and as artists move from producer to producer fans will then only search out those songs that appeal to them, loyalty in masses is not achieved with bulk releasing. Loyalty is created with quality of releases and live shows.

JK is a different beast to other singers, he has a identifiable sound, a team around him that has the same vision and the sheer amount of live shows is impressive, each and every release that comes from JK and Tru-Skool has hit the mark why? Because music fans know exactly what they are going to get, and in today’s ever evolving music scene, consistency remains vital and without hearing Bhabieh, the one thing we can say with hand on heart… the quality of the release will be as consistent as ever!

That is not something we can say about bulk releases from other artists?

Consistency in quality, understanding his fanbase and perforforming live are the things that make JK unique!


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