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JK needs no introduction, the UK’s Punjabi singing sensation is about to drop his latest single this week, and the hype on it is unreal. Pomp pomp tha music really did raise the bar, Tru Skool’s production and JK’s vocals, wow,  could you ask for anything more? Well, the duo are back at it this week, so what is “Shindeh Di Tape” about?

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JK  – What can I say bro, everyone loves Surinder Shinda,and who doesn’t have a Shinda tape in there car that you just turn up full blast?

I tell you what, let’s not give too much away prior to the release, as the track just bangs, and we cannot wait for people to hear it. So, let’s talk Surinder Shinda and which 4 tracks of his have made an impression on you, sound easy?

JKSet! Picking 4 is hard man, Shinda has that many hits, chal let’s do this!

Track One:

JKSo OK, lets go, I remember watching a film when I was quite young “Putt Jattan De”, bad boy film, all the actors were in it man, Punjabi ones and Bollywood ones too, the title track was just next level. The whole vibe of the video man, the horses, the camels and everything about it had me watching again and again, “Putt Jattan De” what a TUNE!

Track Two:

JK Yo, back in the day, I remember going to Krishna’s in Derby, it was the local video, tape stroke CD shop, that was a cool vibe back then man, my dad had given me some change and I was like lets buy a tape man. I was in Krishna’s and I saw this black cover with Shinda’s face all over it, I was like WTF is that, I asked the guy to put it on, after 20 seconds I’d paid for it and raced home and whacked it on full, the whole album was sick, the title track though “Putt Sardaran De” what a tune.

Track 3:

JKNumber 3, back to the film again “Putt Jattan De” this song “Badla le lain sohneya je maa da jaeya” damn, when he comes on with this, the dholki, the percussion, the doubles, wow man, its all fire, even now when you put this song on, your blood starts pumping, you get worked up, it is a wicked gym tune too man. You just have to hold your hands up and say Shinda is a genius, the song is full of fire.

Track 4:

JKYou know what, this is hard man, so many songs of Surinder Shinda’s are wicked, it’s hard to choose, ehmi tusi panga pah liyah lol. Ok, Some Shinda songs are very personal to me for one reason or another, I had Shinda on repeat during school and collage man, so this one is a bit special and personal to me lol. Panjabi MC and Surinder Shinda Mirza part 2, what a vibe, PMC does his thing and smashes the track and Shinda, well his vocals man, yeah man Mirza Part 2!

Massive shout out to JK for spending time with us this week, and don’t forget people this Friday “Shindeh Di Tape” JK and Tru-Skool, whatever you doing this week, take 5 minutes out and make this song a part of your musical journey.


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