Jugni Bups Saggu, & Prabh Ubhi – Alam Lohar Tribute


Allah Bismillah Teri Jugni – maybe the most famous Punjabi folk song line in recent history? Agree or disagree? One thing you can’t deny is that the song is special. Covered so many times, by so many artists Jugni is one classic that will never be forgotten. Wolverhampton based Punjabi music producer Bups Saggu has now given us his version of the classic. This is Jugni Folk’n’Bass style feat. Prabh Ubhi.

2019 saw a new innovation from Bups Sagu; The Folk’n’Bass series. The latest edition to this is the Punjabi folk classic Jugni. We all have a favourite version of this song and trying to make any new version is a challenge in itself. Bups has certainly pulled that off with this latest version. This is unique, fresh and extremely well polished. Singer Prabh Ubhi is faultless on the track and this is a fantastic treat for music fans at the start of 2020. ENJOY!

Earlier this week, we took time out to discuss folk classics with Bups Saggu. We looked at what were the most requested classic Punjabi songs at weddings. Here is the Bups list, did your favourite song make it?

As Bups Saggu Prepares To Drop Jugni – We Talk Classic Requests

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