Juke Dock v Sidhu Moose Wala – This Is Getting Messy


First and foremost when the single ‘East Side Flow’ was announced we were slightly surprised that the song would be released via Juke Dock, it in no way is one of the big boys and Sidhu Moose Wala does have his pick of labels, it then came to fruition that songs were being shared among labels so everyone got a piece of the Moose Wala cake, fair play to him!

Now, over the last week or so people have been asking Sidhu Moose Wala via social media where is the video to ‘East Side Flow’ a song that blew up on release, and Sidhu responded via social media by informing fans that, the video had been given to Juke Dock and they had deemed it not good enough for release and for that reason they were not releasing it, even though Sidhu pointed out that the video carried the same concept as many of his other videos.

Juke Dock have come out again and again stating that the video is not good enough and that they want a new video, something Sidhu has said no to. Now the video below has surfaced with the video director saying he will drop the video on his own channel unless the Juke Dock man up, and he also tares them a new one stating – Artists do not need labels anymore!!

The end of this video below shows the video to East Side Flow, and to us? It looks a good video

Check out the lyrical video of East Side Flow here:


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