Just Eat To Ban Restaraunts/Takeaways With Zero Hygiene Rating


Just Eat are not playing around! Basically the message is get clean or Just Go!

Just Eat have confirmed that they are to invest £1 million in trying to improve the food hygiene and safety standards across the UK takeaway sector.

So how will it work?

Under the new programme Just Eat will work closely with restaurants who are on there platform with a Food Hygiene Rating of zero, one or two to help them improve their rating.

Any zero-rated restaurant which does not improve its score by 1st May will be removed from the Just Eat platform until they do so. writes Sarah Wood for Punchline Gloucester. 

Just Eat will look to offer bespoke improvement plans to any restaurant on its platform with a two or below. The support package will include

  • A one-to-one visit from an expert food safety practitioner,
  • A detailed action plan on how to make any improvements,
  • Access to resources and guidance on how to request a re-inspection from their local authority to gain a new FHRS rating. Zero-rated restaurants will also be offered additional follow-up support.

Just Eat already offers food hygiene and safety training to every restaurant that signs up to its platform free of charge.

In addition, any restaurants seeking to sign up to the Just Eat platform from today will be required to have a minimum Food Hygiene Rating of three by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), or be registered and awaiting inspection by the local authority.

Graham Corfield, managing director of Just Eat in the UK, said: “We know that running a small, independent business is not without its challenges, and food hygiene and safety is a vital area that restaurants need to get right.

“This is why we have an ever-evolving programme of work dedicated to raising food safety standards across the entire takeaway sector. The vast majority of the UK’s takeaway restaurants have good food hygiene standards already, but today’s investment means those that need extra help can now access bespoke support for free.”

Check out the article in full by Sarah Wood here.


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