Kaagaz Ki Kashti Trailer: A Documentary About The Legendary Jagjit Singh’s Life


The trailer of Kaagaz Ki Kashti, a documentary film on late Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s life is out. Directed by Brahmanand Siingh, this film has personal videos, pictures and anecdotes from the recluse singer’s life that fans would definitely want to watch.

The trailer is below is awesome, the film delves into his popularity as a singer and also talks about his personal life. Like his music, Jagjit Singh’s life had elements of love, success, happiness and loss. One gets a sneak peek at the person behind the personality that has lived in limelight.

Kaagaz Ki Kashti is an evocative film of not just Jagjit Singh’s life, but also of the monumental legacy he has left behind. Through in-depth conversations with friends, family, colleagues and through archival footage, the film becomes an intimate portrait of the iconic Ghazal maestro, Jagjit Singh.

Kaagaz Ki Kashti will release on November 2nd 2018


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