KAALI MALAYI Misaal Ft Gurlez Akhtar – New Punjabi Songs 2020


Kaali Malayi by Misaal is the latest release from 47 Records. Singer Misaal is joined on the song by the talented Gurlez Akhtar. Music for the song is by Mr Penduz. This latest Punjabi song has lyrics by Misaal himself. The female lead in the video is Prabh Grewal.

It can be infuriating when you hear a song and it gets you going but then it loses its way. Unfortunately, this is what happens with Kaali Malayi. The intro sounds slick and the hook line is one for the boys. Add to that Gurlez Akhtar sounding crisp and sharp. We thought we were in for a banger.

Kaali Malayi is written by Misaal and after the intro, the next verse just loses its way. It does then improve but in reality, you may have left the room by then. Musically Mr Penduz has dropped an instrumental that really does little to keep you engaged as it just becomes very samey. So all in all after a solid intro the song lost us!

But hey those are our thoughts! Check out the song Kaali Malayi by Misaal here which also features Gurlez Akhtar:

Misaal is new to a lot of Punjabi music fans. He has been on the scene for a few years. He has mainly released songs either by himself of via smaller labels. Smoking Guns was one of his most popular independent releases. Check it out here:

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