Kaali Range R Nait Ft Gurlej Akhtar – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


Jass Records present their latest Punjabi song Kali Range by singer R Nait and Gurlej Akhtar. Music for the new Punjabi song is by Preet Hundal. Lyrics have been penned by R Nait himself and the female lead in the video is Eshanya Maheshwari.

2019 was a big year for Punjabi singer R Nait. Hit after hit and show after show, he could do no wrong. 2020 was going to be a huge test, could he keep up the quality of releases and go on to establish himself as a genuine star. Regret was the first release of the year from R Nait which was followed by Galat Bande, both failed to impact like his songs last year.

Kaali Range sees R Nait returning to Gurlej Akhtar for a duet and she is on top form vocally. Her ability to mix it up and sound compatible with whoever she works with is simply stunning. R Nait has gone for a laid back feel to Kaali Range and he does sound as good as other hits.

Production-wise Preet Hundal just seems to have got confused with the direction of the song. The song tries to be chilled out, then hip hop without any real consistency. The song will bang because of the huge following R Nait has, but for us, this might be a grower. The highlight of the song? Lyrically R Nait proves once again how clever a wordsmith he is!

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