‘Kabir Singh’ Film Director Defends Film After A ‘Fan’ Kills A Girl & Himself


Kabir Singh’ director Sandeep Reddy has come out in defence his film. This defence comes after a self-professed fan of the movie shot himself to death days after murdering a flight attendant in UP, in a case of unrequited love.

Sandeep Reddy maintains that his films has never endorsed or supported killings. This tragic incident comes months after a heated social media debate around the film wherein netizens a criticised the film for the glorification of toxic masculinity and violence through its lead character played by Shahid Kapoor.

The Tik Tok user named Johnny Dada AKA Ashwani Kumar was often spotted making videos on Kabir Singh’s famous dialogues and sharing posts related to the films. Obsessed with a Dubai based flight attendant, Nitika Sharma, he ended up murdering her when he came to know she was getting married.

Johnny was obsessive like Kabir was to Preeti, but instead of hurting himself like Shahid would in the movie, the former ended up taking the girl’s life. It was also recently seen that he dubbed to the Kabir Singh dialogue that said, “Jo Mera Nahin Ho Sakta, Usse Kisi Aur Ke Hone Ka Mauka Nahin Doonga”

When it was brought to director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s noticed, he was left baffled. In a conversation with mid-day, talking about the unfortunate incident, he said, “I feel sorry for the girl and her family. It is unfortunate that people have lost their lives. As filmmakers, we are responsible for our craft and need to consider the repercussions, but never have my films [endorsed]killing anyone. Kabir Singh or even Arjun Reddy [the Telugu original]never [supported]murder.”


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