Kambi Rajpuria Afsana Khan & Deep Jandu – Ik Sahiba


It was in December when Kambi Rajpuria confirmed his next four singles which would feat. Deep Jandu and Afsana Khan. Ik Sahiba was released in May via Kambi’s own platforms. The song like so many others was missed by the masses due to the recent lockdown and Pandemic.

Ik Sahiba features music production from Deep Jandu and also the female vocals of Afsana Khan. Three heavyweights and combined they all make the song work. The song has a desi flavour with a throwback duet style. Kambi is a good vocalist and his dukhi songs have seen him make an impression on the scene. Afsana Khan is a lethal vocalist. Her depth of vocal and delivery is superb and that is once again highlighted during Ik Sahiba.

The production from Deep Jandu allows both singers to make the song their own. The instrumental is not complicated and allows the duet to take centre stage. Afsana Khan is the star of the show here. Vocally she is the powerhouse of the whole song and really drives home her parts of the song. Ik Sahiba is worth a listen just for her vocals!

Check out Ik Sahiba here by Kambi Rajpuria Afsana Khan & Deep Jandu.

As mentioned above Afsana Khan is a vocalist who has many strings to her bow. The song Maarna A Menu was released by Music Kamaal this week and it highlights how diverse Afsana is as a singer. The driving vocal delivery of Ik Sahiba is replaced with a ballad style of delivery for this her latest song of 2020. Check out the song Maarna A Menu  which features music by G Guri here:

Kambi Rajpuria Afsana Khan & Deep Jandu – Ik Sahiba

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