Kanda Taar R Nait – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


Kanda Taar is the latest Punjabi song to be released by Punjabi singer R Nait. The song has been released on his own label and across streaming services. Music for the song Kanda Taar is by Music Empire and the lyrics are by R Nait himself. The video has been shot by Gry India.

R Nait is one of the best traditional style writers on the scene today. He has had a solid 18 months or so with hit after hit all penned by himself. Kanda Taar is not an exception. Once again the song is written well and lyrically it is very streetwise and appealing.

The song is about Coronavirus but has been written and delivered in a very different way to others released. This is not a ballad, this is not a song about pulling on the heartstrings, this is just a well-written song that works. The music from Music Empire is nothing amazing, but it does the job, some good pieces keep you listening in the breaks and all in al the instrumental lets the singer own the song!

Check out Kanda Taar by R Nait here:

R Nait uses his own platform to push songs that are less commercial than his other releases. His last song Bebe Bapu was a hit and really appealed to his fanbase across the world. Prior to that R Nait released the song Baba Nanak which also blew up and was a different take on things once again. Check out the song Baba Nanak here by R Nait:

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