Kanwar Grewal (New Song) Punjabi Gayak Ask’s A Lot Of Questions


Kanwar Grewal has a cult-like following for a reason. The Punjabi singer is seen as a throwback singer who understands the people. His music ability and vocal ability are also simply awe-inspiring. Yet, the biggest thing that continually grows Kanwar Grewal’s appeal his ability to question today’s changing society through his music. This is exactly what Kanwar Grewal has done with his new release Punjabi Gayak.

Punjabi Gayak was released via PTC Records and aired via their PTC Studio live sessions. The song is lyrically deep and questions so much about today’s songs and singers.

The song looks at morality and today’s violence fuelled music and questions whether they uphold the morality of Punjabi values. Kanwar questions those that release religious tracks at a certain time of year. The song itself is delivered perfectly by Kanwar Grewal.

Is he right to question content? Let us know what you think, check out Kanwar Grewal Punjabi Gayak here:

Kanwar Grewal released the song Zameer in 2017 and the song caused a huge stir. Punjabi music losing it’s identity and it’s sharm were things questioned by Mr Grewal. It seems almost three years after this release he is still searching for questions! Check out the song Zameer here:

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