Kanwar Grewal Steps Up To Support Villagers During Lockdown!


Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal has extended support to over 210 financially-weaker families residing at his Mehma Sawai village by providing them ration and other essentials. He is being assisted by members of Chadhdi Kalan Club in his task. Grewal is also reaching out to people to exhort them to follow the government’s directions regarding Covid-19 prevention.

Gursewak Singh, a resident of the village, said: “While singers who glorify guns, violence and drugs are nowhere to be seen in these times, Good Samaritans like Kanwar ji are helping in every way they can.”

Another resident said it is in such times that the true character of the people is revealed. “While there are numerous celebrity singers in the state, only a handful of them such as Grewal have philanthropic spirit. What makes Kanwar ji different from other donors is that is working shoulder to shoulder and carrying ration and other essential items by himself to the needy, unlike many others who donate money by sitting in the comfort of their own homes,” he said.

Talking to Bathinda Tribune, Grewal said: “How can I leave the people alone to bear the pain. It would be unfortunate of me to do so. I am doing my bit to ensure that they do not sleep hungry.” He said he would continue helping the poor in the coming days as their livelihood as been hit by the restrictions.

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