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One thing that is always labelled at the Punjabi music scene is how male dominated it is and that is still the case in 2019, but over the last two or three years the ladies on the Punjabi scene have matched their male counterparts almost hit for hit. More woman singers are now touring globally and have carved out huge fan bases for their art among the masses of Punjabi music fans.

The UK scene has always struggled when it comes to female singers, Nindy Kaur (RDB) is still possibly one of the most celebrated female singers that the UK has produced. Well know it seems that talented production team Kaos Productions are aiming to give Punjabi music fans a new voice and a new talent – Say hello to Deesh Sandhu.

Kaos Productions dropped the video above only 24 hours ago and the reaction has been fantastic to Deesh Sandhu and her vocal ability, with music fans demanding more instantly. We caught up with Kaos Productions to discuss how this all came about.

“It was quite simple she sent me an email and that was that lol” says Amo from Kaos Productions, “I say simple but it was more than just an email, Deesh saw a video interview of ourselves on YouTube and she forwarded us an email explaining who she was and what she wanted to do”

“After several conversations, and vocal clips going back and fourth we decided that we wanted the same things and agreed to take things to the next level”.

Amo went on to inform us that they have working on material with Deesh Sandhu since January and that trying to keep it quit was testing as he loved what Deesh was doing and when you are excited about something it is hard to keep a lid on things.

“I just can’t wait for people to hear more of what we have done, the plan is to drop more YouTube videos and live videos of Deesh just so people can start to see how talented she is. So be ready for more videos like the one we put out the other day”

Finally Amo confirmed that if you wish to see Deesh Sandhu live her first public performance will be at the Hayes Mela on the 5th of May where The Waris bro’s are headlining.

We here at Daily Ent Xpress are excited to see more female talent breaking through and can’t wait to hear more from Deesh Sandhu and Kaos Productions….. so hurry up, as we have been waiting for ‘Glock’ for ages lol, or is Gurj Sidhu to blame for that lol.


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