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Sometimes in life things just click, you can not explain why, but they just do, music is exactly the same, when a combination of singer and producers just clicks, then the magic that unravels itself to the world is something that we all appreciate. Gurj Sidhu and Kaos Productions (Amo Hayer, Laki Hayer) are exactly that natural click we are talking about, and us as music fans are saying thank f**k you found each other!

Gurj Sidhu has been one of the busiest UK acts on the scene in the last 2.5 years, release after release, and gig after gig, but behind the bulk of his productions, are the team at Kaos Productions, and even when Gurj is not working with them on a track, they are always his boys and his go to for advice, a real team ethic. We got kinda bored chatting to Gurj Sidhu (joke) so we thought this time, we throw a curve ball out and let Kaos talk us through four joints that they have produced with Gurj Sidhu that they have enjoyed the most.

As Kaos and Gurj build up to the release of Dil Yaaran De, we appreciate them taking time out to chat to us, we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did. Enjoy the insight and some great tunes here!


This was the first ever collaboration between Gurj Sidhu and Kaos Productions. Gurj initially approached Tru-skool for music production – who also recommended he check us out. We linked up and were very impressed with his technical vocal ability that he has perfected over many years of singing dhadi rang in Gurdwareh. The idea for the song was simply to fuse reggae with Bhangra and compliment the Dhadi elements he already has, whilst including tribute elements to Kudip Manak.

This one was right up our street as Kaos vibes are influenced by the Golden generation of reggae music. Very enjoyable track to make and is one of the few tracks that still sound unique and fresh to our ears.

Deep Obsession

Sometimes in music, you have to dare to be different. This track was almost an afterthought on the Sentimental Value album. Gurj bought the track to us and we started off by making a typically desi version with straight kick pattern and dholki. We thought this is adequate – but then the minds started ticking. The great thing about working with Gurj is his willingness and lack of fear in experimenting with different vibes. Many artists will stay in that safe zone, but to have someone pushing us to go nuts with the music is very refreshing. Once we completed the song as a drum and bass joint, we gave each other the nod of satisfaction knowing that we had made something very different on the album, that resonates with our own musical upbringing. The actual shock came when Gurj showed Moviebox the album, and they picked that song out to present with a high budget video shot in Jaisalmer by filmlore. We were both surprised and very appreciative of the fact that the label shared a vision to stand out from the crowd. Maybe one day, when we get time, we will make a desi version of the song to please the more orthodox listener.


This song was a really great song to make. The theme was all out desi dhol driven rhythm with melodious music pieces. One of the highlights of producing the track for us was recording the backing vocals.

Now we knew we wanted the type of chorus singing that Jelly Manjeepuri put his stamp on – High pitched unforgiving raw folk vibes. Gurj suggested we record his Father and Thaiya on the song. This was a natural reunion of the same three voices that made up the Dhadi Jatha in which Gurj learnt his trade growing up as a singer. We booked out a studio in Leamington Spa and had such a great time recording the backings. The folk flavour didn’t have to be encouraged or coached and nor did we even need to give any guidance. They smashed it and put the icing on one of our favourite tracks we have done with Gurj to date.


The album came out and had a great response. It was therefore time to change direction with Gurj and bring in a different style. We aimed to demonstrate flexibility in our production on this one. The target audience for the songs had broadened post-album and we wanted to push brand Gurj Sidhu more towards North America and Panjab. 365 was originally known as Gaddiyan V Naddiyan (cheesy working title) and was made on a dancehall vibe to begin with. It sounded pretty good but we felt we needed to go in a different direction to achieve our aim in appealing to a younger current audience. The entire song was scrapped and re-made with a distinctive contemporary hip hop feel (808 drums and trap hi hats) and we spent as much time engineering the sounds during mixdown, as we did for the song production. Once released, we received a lot of messages from people far and wide (especially from the USA and Canada) in appreciation of this track. It was important to get this right to prove to ourselves that we have adaptability and can come up with something that is not necessarily a ‘Kaos’ sound.

You know what, it was a pleasure catching up with Kaos, these guys have music pumping through their veins, and you only grasp that fully when you sit down and listen to these guys talk, huge respect for taking time out during release week to talk to us, and we wish you guys all the success for the future with everything you do! These cats are next level

Check out the promo to #DilYaaranDe out on May 10th (a promo with vocals and all)




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