Karan Aujla HINT – Music Jay Trak via Rehaan Records


Fresh from wooing the UK public at the e3UK live event, Karan Aujla has released his latest single Hint. The new Punjabi song has music by Jay Trak and has been released by Rehaan Records. Hint has lyrics penned by Karan Aujla himself.

2019 has been an immense year for Karan Aujla. And he is not done yet. Hint, is the name of his latest single. If you have liked what you heard from Karan in 2019, then this is a must. The laid backflow from Karan Aujla is very akin to ‘No Need’. The song draws you in from the get-go. The pace of the song subtly draws you in for the duration. Jay Trak and Karan Aujla have worked on a few songs in 2019 and this is very much in the mould of those that have one before.

So why play with a winning formula? Lyrically the song highlights how skilled a wordsmith Mr Aujla is. If you are a fan of Karan Aujla then this is must, if you are new to Karan, then this is a solid start!

Check out Karan Aujla Hint here via Rehaan Records:

No Need was the first single to be released by Karan Aujla in 2019, the song got a mad response. Yet, It was Don’t Look that took the Punjabi music scene by storm. An ode to Chamkila via Jay Trak on the production, this song has banged across the globe and dominated DJ playlists. If you missed the song ‘Don’t Look’ check it out here:

Son Credits: Singer/Lyrics: Karan Aujla Music: Jay Trak Video: Rupan Bal & Rubbal GTR Edit: Dilpreet VFX Dp: Cole Spritz Project by: Deep Rehaan Produced by: Sandeep Rehaan Label: Rehaan Records Online promotions : Gk Digital Review: Daily Ent Xpress


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