Karan Aujla – Naive Or Empowered?


Punjabi music fans were left gobsmacked and astounded this week when the man of the moment Karan Aujla posted up a video on social media which showed him supporting MP Ravneet Singh Bittu, the video posted below shows Karan Aujla asking for people to support the MP and vote for him in the recent India elections.

Many people will say who is Ravneet Singh Bittu and why the fuss, this is a crucial factor. To understand peoples outrage you firstly need to understand who Ravneet Singh Bittu is:

Ravneet Singh Bittu is an Indian politician who is a member of parliament from Ludhiana, but it is his grandfather that has a place in Sikh history and not for the right reasons.

Beant Singh (19 February 1922 – 31 August 1995) was an Indian politician and the Chief Minister of Punjab from 1992 to 1995. He was a member of Indian National Congress. He was killed in a car bombing, in retaliation for the human rights violations during the anti-insurgency operations in Punjab.

Beant Singh became the chief minister of Punjab in 1992. Beant Singh’s tenure as the chief minister witnessed the dark days or police law and Sikh groups being targetted and crushed for wanting justice for the 1984 attacks. Under him, the Punjab Police crushed the pro-Khalistan militants forcefully, inviting claims of human rights violations.

Beant Singh was assassinated in a bomb blast at the secretariat complex in Chandigarh on 31 August 1995. The blast claimed the lives of 17 others including 3 Indian commandos. Beant Singh was accompanied by his close friend Ranjodh Singh Mann on the day of assassination. Dilawar Singh Babbar of Babbar Khalsa International acted as the suicide bomber; later, the backup bomber Balwant Singh Rajoana was also convicted for the killing.

Beant Singh alongside KPS Gill is seen as an enemy of the Sikhs, and during his reign, countless families lost sons and saw daughters raped with families torn apart.  The wounds of that period still run deep and will do so forever until justice is won and families who saw sons disappear get closure.

So, now you can see why the video of Karan Aujla supporting Beant Singh’s grandson caused outrage among Sikhs, but if we look at the above explanation of who Raveneets grandfather was (we have had to explain to say 50% of our readers who Beant Singh is) let’s remember Karan Aujla is 21, he was on a whirlwind tour of Punjab and met a large number of people, do you really think he knew the history of Ravneet Singh Bittue let alone his grandfather? Do you think those elders around him made him aware of what Ravneet Bittu’s grandfather had done?

Remember Ravneet Singh ‘won’ elections and his seat in Punjab, Punjabi’s voted for him, is that not a sad indictment on peoples failure to educate the young and old of his families roots?

We can berate Karan Aujla for what may have been a totally naive act, or we can point out to him what the story is and then let him decide, I’m sure at the age of 21 we all made mistakes. We as music fans are right to question Karan Aujla, and people have, but it is also vital to understand if people online are asking who is this Bittu guy, then what are the chances that Karan knew anything of his history?

Indian politics is a dark world and games are always afoot, but is it our duty to persecute or to educate?

We have no affiliation to Karan Aujla, and we will continue to run articles on him, whether it is about a new song or beef with another artist, but we are also the only magazine to touch on this subject, why? Simple if we can educate the young of the history of the dark days of Punjab then we are doing our Seva and our bit to ensure things like this do not happen again to artists who may be totally naive to the subject.

And Yes the follow-up tweets from Karan ref. 1984 were wrong, and whoever advised him to do that deserves to be sacked, and if it is someone else running that account, not Karan then they also deserved to be sacked.

Look at the comments by Priyanka Chopra about KPS Gill, they were not naive, they were thought out and calculated as her responses have highlighted, yet it seems as if she has been forgiven?

Look at Roach Killa attempting to lie before the Guru Granth Sahib in a calculated move to deceive not just his friends but the Gurdwara and the Sikh faith too, yet he gets support from Punjabi music fans.

This week we also ran an article about Immortal Productions, this issue highlights the lack of education about 84 to the young generation. read it here: Will The New Immortal Productions Please Stand Up


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