Karan Aulja Fires Back About Song Content


Yesterday we featured an article that saw Garry Sandhu take to social media to ask singers like Karan Aujla, Sidhu Moose Wala & R Nait to change the content of their songs, as he thought they were fueling young blooded music fans to try and take up that ‘gangsta’ life that they portray in their music, well Karan Aujla seems to have fired back via twitter!

The Punjabi industry is an ever-changing market place, and if Garry Sandhu thought it was still somewhere where artists just take comments on the chin and still high five each other, well he may have just learned that the game is changing as are the artists!

In a recent interview posted below (from 6m 45s in), Karan Aujla also touched on how songs such as one of his latest releases ‘Facts’, which is all about life issues are not as well received today as other songs. Hence he gives the audience what they want. Punjabi songs have always had violent content, folk tales about Sucha Soorma, Jagga Jat and songs about fighting have always been around and have always worked because people want to hear them. The listener should be wise enough to separate fact from fiction!

Check out what Garry Sandhu had to say about Sidhu Moose Wala, Karan Aujla and R Nait on his social media post:



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