Karenjit Kaur – The Sunny Leone Biopic Review


Inside the eyes of every successful actor sits a story, as much as they try and suppress that story, the eyes always give it away. The story maybe one of a fee paid at the beginning of a movie career: the casting couch, the indecent proposal, humiliation or an embarrassing story of powerless youth trying to do the right thing! Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story has everything, but how does it unravel?

The story of Suny Leone is one that has intrigued and gripped so many, that is what makes Sunny India’s most sought after/talked about actress. Creative license is also very much at play, this is Bollywood after all, so how much has been dressed up? Well I guess only Sunny can really advise on that.

How did Karenjit Kaur go from a girl who sings Gurbani at the Gurudwara to one who felt at ease stripping before cameras and posing nude?

The first five episodes gives the audiences the understanding of her upbringing, her family background and the molding of her mind to have ideologies she stands by to this very day! The up bringing is something most NRI families can relate too, being picked on at school for being different. Growing up in the west with parents who themselves are lost between the new world in the west and deep rooted Indian values. The first 5 episodes are something that many will relate to, but in reality the detail could have been squeezed into 3 shows.

The story after her family life and her journey from porn to Bollywood. well it kind of loses us, we all know the journey and we have seen Sunny talk about it previously. Sunny’s entry to Bollywood and more exposes of what actually happens  on her journey into Bollywood was something that we was looking forward to, instead we get a very very Bollywood style 2nd half of the series.

We will not add any spoilers for those who wish to watch it, but after such a strong start the biopic really fails to maintain a pace that will keep people interested, and that is something that might see people not actually finishing the whole season.

A good effort, but like most things Bollywood, it is simply too long and drawn out, the buy in factor really does wain, this so easily could have been 6-8 episodes instead of the 10. For us it is a 6/10


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