Kartar Ramla The Iconic Punjabi Folk Singer Passes Away


Kartar Ramla Death: Famous Punjabi Folk singer Kartar Ramla has passed away. The singer is said to have suffered a heart attack. Kartar Ramla was aged 80. Ramla breathed his last breath at the Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital in Faridkot around 4 pm this evening.

Mela Da Badshah was the name Punjabi music fans tagged Kartar Ramla with. His live shows were famous for the ability to perform for large periods and his live tumbi playing. Kartar Ramla came from the Lal Chand Yamla Jatt camp and through a series of duets, the singer won the hearts and minds of Punjabi music fans.

Gore Rang Ne Ragadta was the song that shot Kartar Ramla to fame. The song was a duet with Sukhwant Sukhi and became a must-play at mehfils back in the day. Check out the song here:

Kartar Ramla was joined by various females for on-stage duets.  Manjit Kaur and Sukhwant Kaur were his two go-to singers for his biggest hits. The topics of his songs were deemed very light-hearted and it was the fun factor of his stage shows that saw him gain mass appeal. Controversy was never far from Kartar Ramta, with many of those music fans who had pops at Chamkila’s lyrical content also aiming those shots at Kartar Ramla.

At the height of his popularity, Kartar Ramla was as successful as Chamkila. Music fans took both singers and their live stage shows to their hearts!

The Punjabi music scene has lost a real icon of the scene and folk music fans will feel this more than most. It is not often we have such unique talents bless the scene, with new artists choosing to veer away from folk music the loss of Kartar Ramla is a huge loss. Luckily for music fans we have been left a rich back catalogue from the singer and his voice will never die in the hearts of Punjabi music fans. Enjoy some of his best songs here:

00:01:01 Kach De Glass Vargi 00:03:48 Gore Rang Ne Ragarta 00:07:19 Jija Saali Te 00:10:44 Char Punj Kuriyan Phasai Phirda 00:14:47 Ran Botal Wargi – 1995 00:18:24 Bhabi Patiya Fira 00:21:58 Theke Da Paliya Adhiya 00:25:12 Hunda Ranna Da Mukadma 00:28:52 Satho Ni Majhin Char Hondian 00:32:01 Baba Tere Engine Te Beth Jana 00:35:33 Kahendi Mera Sir Dhukhda 00:38:35 Yaraan Di Botal Da 00:43:00 Sadh De Taveet Te 00:45:40 Bochin Ve Mitra 00:49:21 Piti Jinah Aa Geya 00:52:32 Bhul Gai Mitran Nun 00:56:01 Sari Raat Na Tun Balabh 00:58:58 Sadh Kolon Bhaldi Jawak 01:02:17 Patha Chak Liya

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