Katy Perry Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement


A California federal court jury has ruled that Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” was stolen from Christian rapper Marcus Gray, who performs as ‘Flame’. The decision, issued Monday afternoon, quickly moves the proceedings towards the damages phase, where Perry could face millions in penalties and the forfeiture of future earnings from the song.

The trial lasted for about one week before today’s decision was issued. It’s unclear if Perry will appeal the decision, though Perry’s attorneys are petitioning U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder to toss the jury’s decision as meritless given the evidence presented.

The lawsuit was lodged by Gray, Emmanuel Lambert, Chike Ojukwu, and Lecrae Moore; the group’s song, ‘Joyful Noise,’ was originally released in 2008. “Dark Horse” was released in 2013.

Also found liable were Lukasz Gottwald (aka Dr. Luke), Karl Martin Sandberg (aka Max Martin), Henry Walter (aka Cirkut), songwriter Sarah Hudson, and rapper Jordan Michael Houston (aka Juicy J), who appeared as a featured artist on the song.  Capitol Records, Warner Music, Kobalt Publishing and Kasz Money Inc. were also named defendants.

Perry stated that she’d never heard of Flame’s track.  Similarly, track producer Dr. Luke also claimed that he’d never heard of the song, while pointing to the Flame’s relative obscurity.

On YouTube, “Joyful Noise” has approximately 3.6 million views, while ‘Dark Horse’ has 2.6 billion, making the latter one of the biggest songs ever on YouTube.

Similarly, “Joyful Noise” has 3.37 million plays on Spotify, compared to 609 million for “Dark Horse”.  Incidentally, plays of “Joyful Noise” are now likely to surge given the court finding, though perhaps for all the wrong reasons.  As for reactions, we’re still waiting for official statements and reactions from within the industry, but the finding is undoubtedly creating another questionable verdict to chew upon.


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