Kaur B Baani Sandhu – It All Kicked Off


Kaur B Baani Sandhu: Damn… Kaur B went in!

Kaur B along with Banni Sandhu is in Australia for a series of shows, but last night it went off! Kaur B and Banni Sandhu can be seen here exchanging words. The argument stems from a lack of respect shown to Kaur B from another artist. Baani Sandhu was then dragged into the argument and well, Kaur B, she went in…

Kaur B has stated that her brother was injured and attacked at the venue.

Kaur B statement “We are deeply disturbed by the set of events that took place at this meet and greet event. In the last five years of my career, I never experienced such humiliation. I have always tried my best to accommodate the needs of my show organizers but this experience was just outrageous. We were extremely mistreated and my brother who I respect a lot was pushed and beaten up by a group of people, something that is totally unacceptable. Is this how you treat your guests?”

“We didn’t know the scale of the party. We were told it was a simple dinner and a few families wanted to meet us. So we dressed up very casually. But the worst part was the presence of some drunk men and we didn’t feel comfortable to be part of this dinner,” said Kaur B.


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