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It takes a brave artist to look deep inside themselves and think – This is not working. Khan Bhaini did exactly this and re-invented himself. Munda India Ton is his latest single and once again the new Khan Bhaini release has banged!

In 2018 and early 2019 Khan Bhaini went down the route of chasing that winning formula. Unfortunately, the formula he was chasing was not his own. Song’s with Karan Aujla and trying to be all gangster just did not work for Khan. These expensive collaborations just did not pay dividends for the new singer. It was then that Khan threw everything up in the air and started again. In-fact when we say starting again we mean, it was now time for the singer to just be himself.

Khan Bhani might not have the best Punjabi vocal you have ever heard, but you know what? It is unique to him and making it work was key. Taking time out with music producers who understood what he had was vital. They worked out where he was sitting vocally and pitched his productions to benefit him and what he was working with. The results so far have seen Khan bang with hit after hit.

Bille Bille Nanina Waliye came out in October 2019 and this banged straight away. The song became one of the most popular of 2019 in such a short space of time. This was the real Khan Bhaini. 

Further releases followed all with his unique style. Gaddi Pichhe Naa was then followed up with the duet Naagmani. This also led to other artists then asking for lyrics as Khan was penning his own songs. Naagmani is still topping many playlists today, this was another big hit.

The latest song from Khan is Munda India Ton, this banged in Punjab upon release. Music stations across India have playlisted this new song and it seems like Khan Bhaini is now about to reap the rewards of reinventing himself! Others artists may well want to look at what this guy has done and think to themselves – What Am I & What Am I Doing!

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