Khatarnaak By Gippy Grewal Bohemia – Missing From ‘Official’ YouTube Figures


Earlier this year YouTube confirmed that it would be using only ‘organic’ views for its official charts. This led to us watching the charts like a hawk and spotting those who were paying for views and what was ‘organic’. Though the issue had eased off recently, one music release in the last few weeks has stuck out like a sore thumb. Khatarnaak By Gippy Grewal Ft Bohemia!

The details:

  • The song Khatarnaak was released on 30th November
  • The Chart runs from the 29th Nov – 5th Dec
  • Khatarnaak hit over 5 million views that week according to Humble Music
  • The song in position 100 in the weekly chart has 1.93m views
  • Gippy and Bhoemeia’s song is nowhere to be seen in the top 100
  • Organic views for the video are less than 1.5m, all the rest are not organic
  • You can view the chart here in full – YouTube Music Chart India
  • The song failed to hit any countries top 100, so it was not like it was a hit in another country!

The Official YouTube chart has managed to create a lot of fun out of artists. They may well pay for views, but this is now catching them out as YouTube do not count paid views in their charts! Ah well lads, back to the drawing board and remember – The Public Will Not Be Fooled

Khatarnaak By Gippy Grewal Ft Bohemia

Check out who else this year has been ‘paying’ for views and likes here.

Punjabi Songs YouTube – The Non Organic Views League Table


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